Make time for ‘Messy Time’

‘Don’t touch!’, ‘those are mammy’s pencils’, ‘mammy is working’ are all things I often hear myself saying to the little hands reaching and eager to create.  It’s important to make time for ‘messy time’. So today that is exactly what we did.  We set out my 3 year olds own paint palette and art equipmentContinue reading “Make time for ‘Messy Time’”


Keeping Motivated!

We are half way through January and I can feel the strain of keeping the ‘changes’ going. Positive thinking and positive actions are the only way we can achieve our goals in 2017!  I wanted to finish this piece last weekend but I’m getting behind schedule. The important thing is getting back on track andContinue reading “Keeping Motivated!”

Happy Little Bluebirds!

Hello,  My first collection of fine art for my etsy shop is incorporating my favourite bird…the Bluebird!  From ‘Zip-a-dee-Doo-da’ to ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ these delightful little birds envoke happiness and sentimentality.  Keep an eye on my blog as I go through my process to create my work and once finished this cheeky little birdContinue reading “Happy Little Bluebirds!”