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Make time for ‘Messy Time’

‘Don’t touch!’, ‘those are mammy’s pencils’, ‘mammy is working’ are all things I often hear myself saying to the little hands reaching and eager to create. 

It’s important to make time for ‘messy time’. So today that is exactly what we did. 

We set out my 3 year olds own paint palette and art equipment and just played. Not to create anything in particular, just the sheer fun of creativity and exploration. I learned so much! 

I often find I get sooo wrapped up in ‘adult world’ that I forget why I started to paint in the first place. 

Watch this blog as I’m going to be researching and trying out toddler friendly art activities. Let’s have some fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you tried any creative ideas with little child? If yes comment and send me your photos and ideas

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Keeping Motivated!

We are half way through January and I can feel the strain of keeping the ‘changes’ going.

Positive thinking and positive actions are the only way we can achieve our goals in 2017! 

I wanted to finish this piece last weekend but I’m getting behind schedule. The important thing is getting back on track and not giving up!

Tonight I have been working on the cracked jug and I’m starting to see it take shape. I WILL finish it this week. 

If you are finding those New Years Resolutions hard look back over January so far and see what you have achieved. Keep going and you will soon see the rewards. #colouredpencil, #art #bluebird

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Drawing Cherries ๐Ÿ’ย 

Today I have spent a couple of hours adding extra detail to the little Bluebird. I love it when I get to this stage as the coloured pencil really starts to pop out! The coloured pencils are not sharp enough to get really fine detail so I’ve use graphite for the feather details on the Bluebird.

I am never buying artist loft coloured pencils again! The nib is contantly breaking so everything is taking longer than it should. I’ve used coloured pencil with mineral spirits for background to keep the painterly effect. If I created this piece again I would definitely spend more time getting the depth of colour in the background with the watercolour first.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the blue crackled jug! 

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Happy Little Bluebirds!


My first collection of fine art for my etsy shop is incorporating my favourite bird…the Bluebird! 

From ‘Zip-a-dee-Doo-da’ to ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ these delightful little birds envoke happiness and sentimentality. 

Keep an eye on my blog as I go through my process to create my work and once finished this cheeky little bird will be available to buy on Etsy.

Today I started, by drawing out my design. I have very little time to take my own beautiful still life images and perfectly capture a Bluebird; so instead I am using 100% royalty free photographs from Dreamtime. I have combined two images for this piece as I want to incorporate the Bluebird into the still life. 

I wanted to use coloured pencil for the main images, as I love the vibrant colours and detail you can achieve, but for the background I have used watercolour as it is faster and I wanted to create texture. Once I had drawn the image I used masking fluid to block out the main images so I could freely paint the background. 

Here comes the fun part! Once the background was dry I peeled off the masking fluid, to reveal the white paper (sooo satisfying)

I have then started to use coloured pencils to render the foreground. I am using artist loft and spectrum pencils which are archival. This is important if you want the artwork to last. I build up layers of pencil using ‘brush and pencil-textured fixative’ between the layers. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

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Sketchpad Challengeย 

This January I’m going to create a drawing or pattern everyday to build up a sketchpad and improve my skills. 

 Have you any ideas or inspiration of what you would like to see in my artwork ?

Do you create artwork yourself? 

If yes leave a comment or join me in the sketch book January challenge and post your drawings.

Let’s get creative!!!

Here’s my first page, a pattern inspired by my beach outing yesterday ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒŠ

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Searching for inspiration…

It’s good to get out and about! Today the sun is shining so we headed to the beach. Two dogs and two children. I take photos where ever I go (my family often find this amusing) , I find colours, textures, things that interest me and get some strange looks from people passing by. I keep a visual diary through photos and sketches which I can always refer to for inspiration or reminisce fond memories. Here is a few of my photos from today…