My first collection of fine art for my etsy shop is incorporating my favourite bird…the Bluebird! 

From ‘Zip-a-dee-Doo-da’ to ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ these delightful little birds envoke happiness and sentimentality. 

Keep an eye on my blog as I go through my process to create my work and once finished this cheeky little bird will be available to buy on Etsy.

Today I started, by drawing out my design. I have very little time to take my own beautiful still life images and perfectly capture a Bluebird; so instead I am using 100% royalty free photographs from Dreamtime. I have combined two images for this piece as I want to incorporate the Bluebird into the still life. 

I wanted to use coloured pencil for the main images, as I love the vibrant colours and detail you can achieve, but for the background I have used watercolour as it is faster and I wanted to create texture. Once I had drawn the image I used masking fluid to block out the main images so I could freely paint the background. 

Here comes the fun part! Once the background was dry I peeled off the masking fluid, to reveal the white paper (sooo satisfying)

I have then started to use coloured pencils to render the foreground. I am using artist loft and spectrum pencils which are archival. This is important if you want the artwork to last. I build up layers of pencil using ‘brush and pencil-textured fixative’ between the layers. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit!